Some of the Oldest and Most Expensive Champagne’s

Recently two bottles of champagne sold on auction for €24,000 and €30,000 on. These prices have set a new record for champagne and makes these the most expensive champagne in the world.

A bottle of Juglar sold on auction for €24,000

The two bottles (Juglar and Veuve Cliquot) date to early-mid 1800′s were found by divers in a  19th century shipwreck near the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea. The 145 wine bottles that were recovered are said to have been bound for St. Petersburg, Russia where is was mostly likely to be enjoy by the Russian Tsar, Nicholas I.

All 145 bottles were open and tasted, these particular bottles where the best of the lot, Richard Juhlin a renowned Champagne expert who tasted the still bubbly content said it had “notes of linden blossoms and lime peels”.  Both bottles are believed to be the oldest preserved examples of their respective brands.



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