Jaguar’s C-X75 Select Few to Come with Turbine Engines

When initially announced Jaguar planned to use turbine engines to power their new supercar the C-X75 four electric engines. Jaguar decided to put our dreams to rest after they decided to put the turbine engines on hold while they completed additional research and development on the new power plants.

However  we just got news that a select few of the 250 C-X75’s to be produced will actually ship with the two turbine engines providing the car’s four electric engines with enough power to propel the vehicle from 0-100 Km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The turbines will produce 95 horsepower for each of the rear engines.

For those who cannot get their hands on the turbine model, don’ sweat, the majority of the 250 units to be produced will ship with a four cylinder turbo charged engine develop by the legendary racing team Williams F1.

Turbine Engine Info

These micro turbines found on the Jaguar C-X75 can spin up to and operate 80,000 rpm which is far better suited to powering electric engines that regular combustion engines. One tank of fuel can generate enough electricity to keep the the Jaguar engines going for 900 kilometers. Not only do you get far better range but the carbon dioxide emitted measures just 28 grams per kilometre.

These engines are produced by one of Tata’s other companies, Bladon Jets.

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