Tonight Mega Millions Jackpot is an enormous $221 Million (US Dollars)

Just think you could start 2015 off with a life changing event. The Mega Million’s lottery jackpot for tonight (Friday, 9th January 2015) is currently $221,000,000 (if you opt for the cash prize instead of the annuity it is still a generous  $144 million).

If you win, you would have made more money this year than what Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga did last year, COMBINED.

  • Katy took home $40 Million
  • Miley earned $36 million
  • Lady Gaga racked in $33 million

Remember that without a ticket into the draw you cannot win, so get your tickets here. Tickets available to people outside of the USA as well.

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