Do You Want EU Residency? Try Malta

EU Residency

Having EU residency opens a number of doors, including getting an EU passport which makes global travel easy and can save you both time and money by not having to apply for travel Visa’s.

If you are looking for residency in a European Union member country, then I suggest you look at the various Residence and Citizenship programs (RCP) offered by the Malta government.

Malta situated in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Italy and serves as a holiday destination for over one point six millions tourists each year. That equates to three times the number of people actually living on the Island.

Getting There

There are at least ten different airlines that fly to the Malta International Airport (CODE MLA), however some of which are seasonal routes.

A number of cruises include docking in Valletta, Malta as one of their destinations.

Is it not an uncommon to see luxury yachts moored in Valletta, another thing to add to the wishlist of big dreamers or lottery winners.

Malta's location on Google Maps and great location for EU Residency
Malta’s location on Google Maps

Tax Legislation

The fiscal policy of Malta is extremely tax friendly, for instance there is not tax on capital gain accrued outside of Matla. Also for individual who are resident but are not domiciled there are not tax on foreign income earned and noy received in Matla.


Owning property is a common criteria of most of the RCP programs. You will have no problem finding anything from magnificent Palazzo’s to luxury apartments.

You will need to buy a property valued at least $500 Thousand US Dollars, but do no worry we have you covered.
At any point the Euromillion’s jackpot far exceeds this amount and you will have plenty of spending money left over. Perhaps you can even retire.

We have put together a small collection of properties available for you here.


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