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Do You Want EU Residency? Try Malta

EU Residency

Having EU residency opens a number of doors, including getting an EU passport which makes global travel easy and can save you both time and money by not having to apply for travel Visa’s.

If you are looking for residency in a European Union member country, then I suggest you look at Continue reading Do You Want EU Residency? Try Malta

Best Airlines of 2011

The SkyTrax awards are based purely on the surveys conducted with over 18 Million passengers from around the world. It is the most prestigious and respected quality recognition of both front-line product and service standards across the global airline industry.

This year winners were announced at a ceremony held at the French Air and Space Museum, as part of the 2011 Paris Air Show.

Airline of the Year

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Asiana Airlines
  4. Cathay Pacific
  5. Thai Airways

Best First Class Cabin

  1. Etihad Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Cathay Pacific

Best First Class Lounge

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Thai Airways
  3. Lufthansa

Best First Class Meals

  1. Etihad Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. Qantas Airways

Best First Class Seats

  1. Cathay Pacific
  2. Etihad Airways
  3. Singapore Airlines


Space tourism – An out of this world experience

To date there have been just 7 space tourists but with the recent developments by private companies in commercial space travel this number is set to increase substantially.

These companies plan on taking passengers  on a sub-ortbital flight thats stretches 100km above the earths surface Kármán line which is said to be the border between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Flights are expected to last for about six hours and reach speeds up to Mach 3.

It’s said Sir Richard Branson’s company Virigin Galatic already has over 400 bookings and it’s expected that the first commerical flight will take place sometime in 2012.

So for a mere $200,000 you too can become a commercial astronaut on board the Virigin Galatic SpaceShipTwo craft.


Public Opinion on which airline offers the best First Class seats/suites

Are you planning another trip but your jet is in for maintenance so are you being forced to travel scheduled (flights), then this is an important list to take in accounting when booking your seats/suites.

Here is the list of  which airlines has the highest ratings for their first class seats/suites:

Rank Airline Comments
1 Singapore Airlines * A380 suites
2 Etihad Airways * New seats
3 Emirates * A380 suites
4 Qantas * A380 seats
5 British Airways * New seats 2010
6 Cathay Pacific * Consistent Product
7 Qatar Airways * Consistent Product
8 Jet Airways * Consistent Product
9 Turkish Airlines * Consistent Product
10 ANA * Consistent Product


Singapore Airlines First Class Suites


Etihad Diamond First Suites


Emirates First Class Private Suites


On June 22nd, SkyTrax will be announcing their annual airline awards, which covers best cabin, best airline and best service just to name a few. We will have all the results as they are announced.