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Tired of your Biz Jet?

Do you need a private jet that has more range, speed and space?

Look no further than the Global 7000 from Bombardier Aerospace, the newest model from the company responsible for famed business jet names such a LearJet, Challenger and Global Express.

With capacity to carry up to 19 passengers, a maximum range of 7,900 NM (14,630 Km) and a top speed of Mach 0.9, is this the ultimate business jet.

The Global 7000 is powered by two General Electric Passport 20 turbofan engines that produce 16,500 lb of thrust, each, yet it is super efficient.

Pilots have state of the art technology at their disposal, with the cockpit being fit all the latest avionic’s.

The aircraft cabin is divided into four sections or “living spaces” as Bombardier puts it, these spaces include a dedicated stateroom, a dining room, office space and crew room.